20″ Daffodil

One of Tiffany Studio’s more popular floral shade designs is the 20″ Daffodil. This is one of the only shade patterns where the flowers are inverted, rather than “growing” from the bottom of the shade. There is an original Tiffany Studios’ black and white photograph in the collection of the Charles Hosmer Morse Museum which shows a bunch of Daffodils that have been gathered at their base and draped over a lamp form. This photo was presumably used for reference by Clara Driscoll during the design process of this shade. With the flowers clustered at the lower edge of the shade, the 20″ Daffodil makes a wonderful chandelier fixture.

Commissioned by a client in Massachusetts, this colorful 20″ Daffodil shade has flowers that range from light buttery yellow to rich amber. The mixed greens of the long leaves are echoed in the border rows. For the background pieces, a sparkling cerulean blue mixed with yellow imparts a lively touch to the shade. The shade is shown on the Grooved base (26″ tall).

Written by Century Studios