Century Studios is not accepting commissions for windows at this time.

At Century Studios, we continue the tradition of creating exceptional stained glass windows as one-of-a-kind art pieces. The designs for our windows are hand drawn at our studio for each specific project, and no two windows are ever exactly alike.

Inspired by the elaborate pictorial windows of Tiffany Studios, Century Studios windows often include plated layers of glass which create colors and textures that do not exist in a single sheet of glass. Facial features in figural work are hand painted with powdered minerals and kiln-fired to become part of the surface of the glass.

When working on a new window project, a sketch is created to block out the general idea of the piece. From there, a full sized drawing (cartoon) is hand drawn for approval. The cartoon is given a basic coloration and once approved, the creation of the window can begin.

Inspiration for our window designs are drawn from a myriad of sources including paintings, book illustrations, and original Tiffany Studios windows. Using our extensive knowledge of art history and exercising our fine art talents and training, we are able to adapt any pictorial work into a stained glass window.