28″ Magnolia, Part 4
Soldering the interior of the 28″ Magnolia shade included adding six copper reinforcing wires to the inside of the shade. The wires are permanently soldered in place following the lead lines in a path that goes from the top of the shade to the bottom. Once we finished soldering the entire interior of the shade, the bottom rim was added and the shade was prepared for its final cleaning and patina.
The completed shade has a lush color pallet that is full of surprises.
The Impressionist color theme was created by painstakingly blending streaky, ring mottled, rippled, and heavily textured drapery glasses. Set against a clear blue sky that shifts from brilliant to pale blue, the flowers are a mix of white, purple, pink and amber tones.
This impressive shade was commissioned by a client in New York.
Written by Century Studios