16″ Woodbine and Studio Hours

The 16″ Woodbine is a Tiffany shade design that deftly juxtaposes geometric and naturalistic elements. The woodbine (also known as Virginia Creeper) is a climbing plant whose leaves turn bright red in the fall. The design is defined by a geometric trellis upon which the plants grow, covering the lower two thirds of the shade in leaves.

The rich blue background glass evokes the early twilight hours just before the sky turns from blue to black each night. Fracture streamer glass gives the shade added depth of color and texture. The lush green foliage is just starting to show hints of color change coming in late summer.

Shown on the elegant Decorated Trumpet base (22″ tall) this lamp was created as a showroom piece and is now in a private collection.

 Century Studios will be closed Tuesday July 4th

Written by Century Studios