18″ Wisteria, Part 2

Work on the 18″ Wisteria continued steadily throughout the month of January. A wisteria shade requires around 8 weeks of studio production time to create. The cast bronze crown of branches for the top of the shade and the tree base must be created before construction of the shade begins.

Once the exterior had been soldered, the shade was removed from the lamp form and multiple vertical and horizontal reinforcing wires were added to the inside. A copper wire is soldered along the meandering lead lines to give the shade strength. The reinforcing wires are invisible from the exterior of the shade. 

The irregular lower edge of the shade was finished with a half round copper wire. The wire follows the undulating curves of the lower edge. Once tacked in place, the wire is finished soldered to provide strength and give the shade a finished look. Soldering complete, the shade is ready for cleaning and patina. We will show the completed lamp next week.

Written by Century Studios