Turtleback Lantern Trio

We recently completed a trio of Turtleback Hanging Lanterns for a client in California. The lanterns will be incorporated into the decor at the client’s winery. Turtleback Lanterns can be made using green, amber and deep black cherry red turtleback tiles. For these fixtures our client chose the deep red turtlebacks. In the photo showing the three lanerns, only the center lantern is illuminated.

Cast in heavy bronze, the lantern itself is 13″ tall from the base to the top of the loop and 8″ wide. The fixture can be made to any length, but the minimum dimension from the ceiling to the bottom of the fixture is 19″.

For the door at the bottom of the lanterns, we usually install a piece of transparent glass so light can come down. Our client requested an upgrade with cut turtleback pieces.

Written by Century Studios