16″ Dragonfly

The iconic dragonfly remains one of the most popular shade styles created by Tiffany Studios and the boldly abstracted water motif lends itself to unlimited color possibilities. For this 16″ Dragonfly shade, blue bodied dragonflies spread their filigreed wings against a fiery background. The granite textured glass expertly mixes red, yellow, and blue to create blazing tones of orange tinged with green, while intense shots of the original three mixing colors shine throughout the piece. The ripple textured upper and lower borders in blue reign in the excitement of the background.

This lamp was commissioned by a client in Illinois and is shown on the Tall Flower Petal base (20″ height). Upon completing the shade, we realized that we had three examples of 16″ Dragonfly shades in the studio so we took the opportunity to shoot a group photos. The shades pictured on the left and right are both commission pieces. The central 16″ Dragonfly shade is available for purchase.

Written by Century Studios