Lamp of the Week: 18″ Nasturtium

Nasturtiums are a trailing plant with saucer shaped leaves and multicolored flowers that bring a burst of color to any summer garden. The 18″ Nasturtium shade perfectly reflects the plant which thrives in a multilayered environment where it can climb and mound over rocks.

The glass for this intensely colored shade was painstakingly chosen so that the colors blend and shift to create a night and day effect. Rippled and granite textured glasses are sprinkled throughout the shade.

For the daytime side, the cerulean blue background plays against the orange, yellow, peach and pink flower colors.

The background of the nighttime side is made up of deep blue and purple fracture/streamer glass. The deep red velvet tones of the flowers mix with more intense oranges and purples. Shown on the Small Stick base (20″ tall), this lamp was created as a showroom piece in 2016 and is now in a private local collection.



Written by Century Studios