20″ Lily Pad

Water plants are one of the major design themes for Tiffany Studios lamp shades. The 20″ Lily Pad is unusual in that it depicts the surface of a pond that is completely covered with lily pads but there are no flowers present. It is also one of only a few Tiffany shade designs drawn in deep perspective. The design has only three design elements: water, pads, and a bottom border row that is comprised of oval shaped pieces of glass representing the rocky edge of the pond. 

The lily pads are seen from an angle and the large pads at the bottom become smaller towards the top. Because of the shallow cone shape, the eye views this as a shift in perspective lending the shade a three dimensional feel. The design has a layered horizontal orientation and the overall effect is calm and tranquil.

The shade is shown on the slender Grooved Base (24″ tall), and can be used with other bases. This lamp was created for our studio showroom and has been sold.

Written by Century Studios