30″ Lotus Chandelier

The 30″ Lotus Chandelier is one of the largest reproduction Tiffany shade we create at Century Studios. With its generous proportions and six chain fixture this impressive chandelier will be the focal point of any interior. This fixture is currently available for purchase from our studio showroom.

Due to its size, every aspect of creating this shade presents unique challenges. Laid flat during the glass selection and foiling stages, the shade occupied every flat work surface. Soldering, cleaning and applying the patina on a shade of this size almost becomes a full body contact sport.

This shade is the perfect showcase for exceptional glass choices and Bill Campbell took full advantage of the boldness of the pattern when he made the glass selections. Voluptuous pink flowers play against the mixed greens of the leaves.

Due to the size of the shade and the boldness of the design, the glass selection emphasizes saturated colors. Accents of teal and red add an element of surprise to the leaves while swirls of pink embolden the flower petals.

A heavy cast bronze crown adorns the top of the shade. Further adding to the excitement of the piece is the undulating lower edge of the shade. 

The fixture flows from the ceiling, gaining momentum as it expands from a central pole to the viking ball from which six chains support the shade. The length of the fixture as shown is 52″ from the ceiling to the bottom of the shade. The length is adjustable. This impressive chandelier is currently available for purchase from our studio showroom.      

Written by Century Studios