16″ Poppy

The 16″ Poppy is one of Tiffany Studios most popular lamp designs. This shade can be successfully created using any coloration, and the addition of filigrees gives the shade an additional level of richness. We created this lamp as a studio piece and it is currently available for purchase in our showroom.

This example represents the “classic” coloration for this shade. The background glass is a sunny yellow with a lively green mixed in. The richly colored poppy flowers combine reds and oranges with hints of yellow and blue, while the blue lower border rows set off the filigreed greens of the leaves.

Tiffany Studios created most of their shades and bases to be interchangeable, and we are showing this shade on three different bases. The Greek Urn base at the top of the post has a formal profile which lends elegance to the overall look of the lamp. The Leaf & Bud w/Collar pottery base gives the shade an Arts & Crafts feel.  The Small Stick base has a simplicity that makes it work in any interior.

Written by Century Studios