Lamp of the Week: 22″ Chestnut

The 22″ Chestnut is a Century Studios’ interpretation of a Tiffany Studios shade design which does not appear to have been produced. A Tiffany Studios salesman’s sample panel is in the collection of the Morse Museum in Florida and appears in several books. Using a photograph of the panel and general measurements as our guide, we decided to create the shade as a 22″ modified turban shape. The shape fit the pattern well and at the 22″ shade size the flowers and leaves appeared to be life sized – something that is common in most Tiffany floral shade designs.

Using the original sample panel as our color inspiration, the shade is rendered in rich, saturated colors. The abundant flowers at the top of the shade are richly colored in pink and red with hints of off white. Large leaves overlap one another on the lower half of the shade. The leaves blend from vibrant reds mixed with orange into green and yellow. The deep blue and green fracture glass background at the bottom of the shade lightens to blue with pink at the top.

Created in 2011 for a Midwest client, the shade is shown on the Twisted Vine base.

Written by Century Studios