20″ Poppy

The 20″ Poppy is one of Tiffany Studios best designed shades. Every element in the shade has been carefully considered, and there are no frivolous details. The lower borders provide a solid foundation from which the flowers “grow”, and the plants are grounded by an undulating horizontal section of leaves from which vertical stems rise upwards. Each thin stem is represented by a lead line and every stem supports a bud or flower.

Tangerine colored poppy flowers are set against an lightly mottled off-white background that is subtly tinted with green. The leaves and borders have an olive green cast which transitions into the glaze colors of the base. The addition of filigree overlays on the flower centers and leaves add the perfect finishing touch to the design.

The Kendrick Pottery base is perfectly proportioned to the shade. This lamp was commissioned by a client in California.

Written by Century Studios