Pair of 14″ Chestnut Shades

Commissioned by a client in Wisconsin, this pair of 14″ Chestnut shades have a bold color palette. Creating a pair of matching shades presents unique challenges and over the years we have fine tuned our production strategy when asked to create twin lamps.

To create a set of true twin lamps, we must approach the layout and glass selection as if the two pieces are a single large shade. Once the glass selection is complete, the pieces are sorted into two individual lamps and the construction proceeds with first one, then the second.

Because of the production logistics involved, extra time must be allotted in our schedule when creating a pair of twin lamps. In the photo above, Bill Campbell is foiling the first of the two chestnut shades.

Once the pieces of the first lamp have been foiled, Irwin Terry continues the construction process by transferring the pieces to the waxed lamp form and continuing on with the soldering. Bill returns to the cutting, fitting and foiling of the second shade.

The 14″ Chestnut is a Century Studios original shade design created by Bill Campbell in 2011. The shades are mounted on a matching pair of Shell Urn bases.

Written by Century Studios