20″ Dragonfly on Twisted Vine w/Arms and Ring base

The first lamp to be completed in the New Year is this 20″ Dragonfly shade, which was commissioned by a client in Pennsylvania.

In the photo above, the partially foiled shade is shown laid out flat on the light table. The colors were carefully blended to transition from blue to butter yellow. The shift is accented by the warm woody tones of the lower border rows and dragonfly bodies. Light blue jewels are scattered across the upper portion of the shade.

Once all of the pieces were cut, fit, and foiled, the shade was transferred onto the waxed form one piece at a time. The exterior of the shade was soldered, the form was heated so the wax would release the shade and the interior was finished. The final step in the construction of the shade is to add metal filigree over each dragonfly wing.

The shade is shown on the Twisted Vine with Arms and Ring base. This base has an organic feel that is typical of Tiffany Studios’ early lamp designs where the shade and base blend together into an organic lit sculpture.

Written by Century Studios