18″ Peony

It is peony season here in the Midwest, and we were inspired by the large showy blooms to create this 18″ Peony shade. Peony flowers symbolize romance, prosperity, good fortune, a happy relationship, and compassion (in part). There are many varieties of peony flower including large single blooms and frilly pom pom types. The peony was a frequent inspiration for lamps at Tiffany Studios, and these pieces often included spectacular glass.

For this shade, we created the flowers from several sheets of stunning fuchsia color mixes. Intensely toned fuchsia glass has been expertly blended with candy apple red, royal purple, deep bubble gum pink, and milky white. These glass combinations were painstakingly scrutinized so each flower would have an individual personality while at the same time blending together in a visual ecstasy of color.

To enhance the flower colors, a background glass was chosen that has a mix of blue and yellow with an undercurrent of the deep fuchsia to pull it all together. Deep green leaves give a fullness to the design and fresh green border rows accentuate and define the other glasses in the shade.

The shade is shown on the Grooved base (26″ tall). This lamp was created as a showroom piece and has been sold.



Written by Century Studios