14″ Arrowhead
The 14″ Arrowhead is a compact shade that works well as an accent or bedside table lamp. Because of its stylized look, at first glance this Tiffany Studios design appears to be an abstract interpretation of natural subject when in fact it is a factual representation of a flowering water plant. Due to the distinctive shape of its leaves, the Arrowhead plant was a favorite motif of Arts & Crafts era designers and has become commonly known as “Arrowroot”, a completely different species of plant that bears no physical resemblance to the plant depicted on the shade. Nurseries and plant growers have created disease resistant house plan varieties of the Arrowhead, and natural specimens are often seen around ponds on golf courses.
The lightly mottled green glass chosen for the leaves is gently streaked with amber yellow. The blue toned sky plays against the hints of red mixed with green in the lower background. Green upper and lower border rows tie all of the colors together, while the white flowers with bright yellow centers give the shade a pop of color.
The shade is shown on the Zodiac base (total lamp height 17″). This lamp was commissioned by a local client.
Written by Century Studios