28″ Magnolia, Part 1

Along with the Wisteria and Dragonfly shades, the 28″ Magnolia is instantly recognizable as a Tiffany Studios signature lamp design. This generously proportioned shade is inspired by the large Saucer Magnolia tree which blooms before leafing out. 

Commissioned by a client in North Carolina, this shade features an intriguing variety of exceptional glasses. Bill Campbell chose the glass for this shade with an eye for blending both color and texture.

Our client requested that the shade have no pink or blue and minimal green tones. Playing against an amber background and dark tree branches, large saucer shaped flowers are a blended mix of whites. Digging deep into our library of hand made art glass Bill selected a variety of ring mottles, streaky, rippled texture, and hand folded drapery glasses bring the distinctive flowers to life.

Irwin Terry is shown holding the Fiberglas lamp form on which the shade will be soldered together. We need to block out 4 to 5 weeks of production time to create one of these shades.

Written by Century Studios