The Baum Bugle

The current issue of The Baum Bugle features an article written by Bill Campbell about Century Studios’ Wizard of Oz themed stained glass panels, windows and suncatchers. Last summer, Bill and Irwin attended the Oz Con convention in San Diego and gave a presentation about their Oz themed pieces with projections and a question & answer period. After the convention, Bill was asked to write an article based on the talk.

The three page article is illustrated with numerous black and white photographs of finished pieces and their production. The back cover of the publication features a full color image of Century Studios’ Whirlpool window, which was completed in March 2015 and is inspired by a full page illustration by John R. Neill from The Scarecrow of Oz, which was published in 1915.

The Baum Bugle is the official publication of the International Wizard of Oz club, and it is distributed to each member. Published three times each year, The Bugle features illustrated articles about all aspects of the Oz universe. This issue

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Written by Century Studios