17″ Bat Lamp

The 17″ Bat is one of Tiffany Studios most unique shade designs. This sculptural shade consists of three bats with outstretched wings flying against a nighttime sky. The shape of the shade mimics the bat wings, lending an air of drama and mystery to the design. Two evening stars appear in the sky.

The bats are rendered in a rich brown mottled glass. The bat bodies and heads are accentuated in cast bronze, enhancing the three dimensional look of the shade. The evening sky shifts from green tinged with blue and purple down to a deep nighttime blue.

Three bronze bronze bats are cast in relief around the bottom of the Bat Mosaic base (18″ tall). The base is decorated with a mosaic inlay of blue lustre glass which reflects the light from the lamp. This lamp was commissioned by a client in Texas.

Written by Century Studios