Lamp of the Week: 20″ Waterlily

The 20″ Waterlily evokes hot summer days when lily pads and flowers gently float on the surface of a pond. The rippled water glass for this shade was chosen from a unique piece of drapery glass that was made in the late 80’s/early 90’s. Cobalt blue, green, and azure blue are deftly mixed together with glass fractures added on the reverse. Against this striking backdrop, a variety of lush pink, amber, peach and white flowers and buds nestle amongst large lily pads in mixed tones of green. The purple rippled border rows add an element of surprise to the shade.

The Twisted Vine w/Arms & Ring base (overall lamp height 27″) gives the impression that the water plant’s stems are rising up from the surface of the table to the floating flowers and pads above. This lamp was created in 2019 as a showroom piece and is now in a private collection.

Written by Century Studios