28″ Lemon Tree, Part 1

The 28″ Lemon Tree is a Century Studios original shade design that was created by Bill Campbell in 2007. This intricate pattern was inspired by a Tiffany Studios wall mosaic. We are nearing completion on this impressive shade, which was commissioned by a client in Washington state.

While Irwin Terry soldered several geometric shades, Bill began the task of laying out the Lemon Tree. Large complex shades such this one require total concentration and tend to take up every flat work surface in the studio. Bill began the layout with the background and birds.

The design is quite intricate with many tiny pieces, each of which must be cut, fit and foiled with precision.

Once Bill completed the layout, both Bill and Irwin worked on foiling the pieces. Each piece was then transferred onto the waxed form in preparation for soldering. The completed shade will be shown in an upcoming post.

Written by Century Studios