Cobweb Mosaic Lamp – Part 3

With the 20″ Cobweb shade completed, we continued on with finishing the base. The upper portion of the base has a fretwork canopy of cast bronze branches that splay out from the main body and form the support for the shade. Within this fretwork, glass flowers and leaves are interspersed. This ingenious design element not only physically supports the shade, but it visually connects the shade to the base, blending the two elements into a seamless sculptural piece.

The base is covered in glass mosaic that depicts narcissus growing up between the eight bronze tree supports. While Irwin was soldering on the shade and fretwork, Bill was busy cutting the pictorial mosaic pieces for the body of the lamp base.

Bill meticulously fit and cemented each piece of glass mosaic to the base. In the photo above, the floral portion of the mosaic has been completed.

┬áBill then had to cut and fit the geometric “sky”, using a blue lustre glass. Once all the mosaic pieces were cemented in place, the mosaic was grouted and the patina on the bronze was completed.

 The final step in completing the lamp was wiring the base. The lamp now completed, the piece was ready to be illuminated.

The completed lamp engages the viewer in many ways. The lit shade dazzles and sparkles with transmitted light, while the mosaic on the base is tactile, each piece reflecting light from a different angle. The bronze casting provides a bold stability, yet the bronze fretwork gives the piece an airy lightness.

Along with the Wisteria, Dragonfly, and Magnolia lamps, the 20″ Cobweb Mosaic lamp (29″ tall) is one of Tiffany Studios signature lamp designs. Each element of this visually stunning lamp blends together creating a three dimensional painting in glass and bronze.



Written by Century Studios