22″ Dragonfly

With its generous proportions, irregular lower edge, jewel encrusted surface, and filigreed dragonfly wings, the 22″ Dragonfly shade has all the bells and whistles one could wish for in a stained glass shade. The shade is shown on the impressive Perforated base. Created as a piece for our showroom, this lamp is currently available for purchase from our studio.

The background is cut from an unusual silver-yellow ripple glass. When silver is used as a glass colorant, the result is a warm, amber yellow hue. We acquired the glass for this shade several years ago and have been saving it until we had time to create this shade. The dragonfly wings are also cut from a silver-yellow that has a touch of gold pink added to intensify the color.

We had the dragonfly jewels pressed specifically for this shade. The lightly colored jewels have a gold lustre surface that blends with the background glass. The finished jewels have a butterscotch hard candy look that is unique.

In the photo below, Irwin can be seen transferring the foiled pieces onto the waxed form in preparation for soldering. Large shades get extra reinforcing to ensure the long term stability of the shade. A thick half round copper wire is used to finish the lower edge of the shade, adding stability and giving the bottom of the shade a proper finished edge.

Written by Century Studios