10″ Pony Wisteria

The 10″ Pony Wisteria lamp packs a lot of personality into a petite package. With over 870 individual pieces of glass, the shade has as many pieces as many of the large 22″ shades patterns!

Bill Campbell meticulously chose every piece of glass, skillfully blending multiple richly toned glasses.

Once the glass was chosen, Irwin and Bill both worked on cutting, fitting, and foiling the shade. Irwin then proceeded to solder the shade while Bill began our next project.

This lamp was commissioned by a client in Georgia who requested a deeply saturated color palette. Rich purples and lavenders are blended with a deep pink/purple for the multitude of blossoms. The shade begins at the top with a crown of cast bronze branches from which the glass makes its decent. Accented branch work continues into the body of the shade, giving the piece a naturalistic look. The blossoms of the Pony Wisteria cascade down the sides of the shade, ending in an undulating lower edge. The lower edge is finished with a half round copper reinforcing wire which provides strength and a polished look to the bottom of the shade. 

This is one of Tiffany Studios’ signature lamps, where shade and base seamlessly blend together to become a lit sculpture.

Written by Century Studios