16″ Geranium

Sixteen inch shades are the perfect size lamps to fit in any room. Depending on room size and placement, they can be used as accent lamps or be the focal point in an interior. Commissioned by a client in Maryland, this 16″ Geranium shade is shown on the Small Stick base (20″ tall).

The 16″ Geranium shade has five pattern repeats. Bill Campbell chose the glass for this shade and used a variety of fracture/streamer glasses to bring hints of both the flower and leaf colors throughout the background.

Large mottled green leaves form a patchwork of color below delicate scarlet flowers. The juxtaposition of the more transparent background glass with the denser glasses chosen for the plants gives the shade a naturally light and airy feel. The result is a shade with an engaging, pleasant personality.

Written by Century Studios