28″ Clematis

Century Studios is pleased to introduce a new shade to our reproduction Tiffany lamp offerings – the 28″ Clematis. This generously proportioned shade has a non-repeating design and, while it is usually intended as a chandelier fixture, it can also be used as a large table lamp or on a Junior Floor Base.

Large Tiffany floral shade patterns give the lamp artist the opportunity to showcase exceptional glass, and we have utilized many unique glasses by Lins, Schlitz and our own Century Studios’ hand rolled sheet glass for the flowers in this shade.  Deep purples and blues contrast with the multicolored background colors, allowing us to showcase the exceptional hand rolled glass.

Just as a clematis will have a intricately tangled appearance when growing in a garden, the pattern beautifully translates this look onto the shade. Clusters of flowers playfully cascade across the shade, clustering towards the top.

Irwin can be seen preparing the form with wax so the individual pieces can be transferred onto the form and soldering can begin on the shade. The shade is finished with a bead chain around the lower rim. We created this shade as a showroom piece and it is currently available for purchase in our showroom.


Written by Century Studios