Lamp of the Week: 28″ Peony

At Tiffany Studios, lamps were conceived to bring the excitement of stained glass windows off the walls and into the room – while still performing the functional service of providing light. The 28″ cone shaped shades were intended as large chandelier fixtures that would be the focal point of any space they occupied. Most of these designs have patterns that flow across the entire surface of the shade with no pattern repeats.

The 28″ Peony is a design that inspires the lamp artist to search out the choicest glasses and use them boldly. A deep blue glass streaked with green and red was chosen as the backdrop for the red, fuschia, and deep pink flowers. Surprise explosions of purple punctuate the flower colors throughout, adding excitement to the shade. Bold green leaves and borders add to the luxurious depth of color.

This shade was made in 2021 and is now in a private home in Iowa.

Written by Century Studios