22″ Laburnum Continued

As the construction on the 18″ Wisteria was wrapping up we continued to make progress on the 22″ Laburnum. We usually do not follow one very elaborate lamp directly with another, but sometimes they overlap.

The 22″ Laburnum has 1986 individual pieces of glass and each piece must be precisely laid out, cut, fit, and then foiled by hand. Bill Campbell is busy foiling a section of the lamp.

Once completely foiled, each piece is transferred to the lamp form individually. The Fiberglas form has been coated with our house made tacky beeswax so the pieces will remain in place for soldering.

The form is then clamped onto our custom made shade holder for soldering. We are able to turn the shade to any angle for soldering. In this photo, the unique lobed shape of the 22″ Laburnum can be seen. The undulating shape lends an additional touch of interest to the finished shade.

Written by Century Studios