Lamp of the Week: 20″ Nasturtium

One of the more unusually shaped shades created by Tiffany Studios is the 20″ Nasturtium. The low dome mimics how nasturtium plants will climb over rocks in the garden to create mounds of riotously colorful flowers peaking through large saucer shaped leaves. Nasturtium flowers and leaves are edible and have a sharp, peppery taste which adds a colorful zing to summer salads.

The 20″ Nasturtium is a non repeating shade design. Leaves and flowers undulate across the surface of the shade naturally, clumping together in some places vying for attention. The shade lends itself to bold color choices, and we chose a vibrant color scheme of mottled, streaky and textured glasses tumbled together to create a riot of strong emotions.

Shown on the Twisted Vine base (24.5″ tall), we created this lamp in 2018 as a showroom piece and it was purchased by a client in New York.

Written by Century Studios