24″ Snowball

The 24″ Snowball is the deepest Tiffany Studios shade design we offer. While the shade can be used as a large table lamp, its generous proportions are best suited for use as a floor lamp or chandelier. We recently completed this 24″ Snowball on a Sr. Floor base for a local client. The irregular lower edge accentuates the impression of a large specimen with its branches bent by the weight of flower clusters in full bloom.

Tiffany Studios created several Snowball lamp patterns in various shapes and sizes. Often mistakenly referred to as a Hydrangea design – Hydrangea flowers are conical while Snowball flowers are round – Snowball bushes can reach heights and widths of 8 to 20 feet. Since flowers on Tiffany Lamps were rendered life sized, this large flowering bush makes a perfect subject for the generous proportions of the 24″ Snowball shade.

Our client requested a color pallet with an emphasis on whites and blues.  A wide variety of mottled, streaky, and textured glasses were used for the flowers. The clear blue sky at the top of the shade is reflected throughout the piece, appearing amid the flowers and leaves. To keep the overall tone of the lamp light and airy, the abundant foliage has a mix of lighter greens. The personality of the completed lamp has the feeling of a sunny day in springtime.

Written by Century Studios