20″ Nasturtium

Century Studios is starting off the new year by welcoming a 20″ Nasturtium to our showroom. Completed in late December, this lamp was created as a studio showroom example and is now in a private collection.

The 20″ Nasturtium is a uniquely shaped low dome with a non-repeating shade design. Mimicking the look of nasturtium plants as they climb over rocks in the garden, the riotously colored flowers peek out amongst the large saucer shaped leaves. Nasturtium flowers and leaves are edible and have a sharp, peppery taste which adds a colorful zing to summer salads.

Leaves and flowers tumble across the surface naturally, clumping together and vying for attention. Viewed from different vantage points, the emphasis shifts from leaves to flowers. The glass for each flower was carefully considered for color and personality to move the eye around the shade in anticipation of new surprises.

The Nasturtium is shown on the elegant Library base (23″ tall).

Written by Century Studios