12″ Apple Blossom

Tiffany Studios created apple blossom shades in many shapes and sizes and the pattern on this 12″ Apple Blossom has the look of a mosaic. Commissioned by a client in South Carolina, the turban shape of the shade enhances the flow of the flowering branches. The shade is shown on the Torpedo base (18″ total lamp height).

While we are working on shades, the glass colors shift and change throughout the creative process. Blending different glasses next to one another affects how color is perceived. In the upper photo, one section is laid out on the light table for a final check before foiling begins. Remnants of wax and glass dust are still visible on the glass pieces. In the lower photo, a section of the lamp is partially foiled and the colors appear to deepen and intensify. When finally soldered together, cleaned and patinated, the colors of the shade really come to life.

Written by Century Studios