36″ Pond Lily, Part 1

At this time of year, are always working to finish up projects for our clients and are looking forward towards the new year. We just completed all of our commissions which were ordered for Christmas, such as the 7″ Geometric and the 16″ Geometric W/Triangles shades shown on the light table.

Also shown on the light table is the layout for a new shade design for our studio, a 36″ Pond Lily shade. When completed, this will be the largest reproduction Tiffany Studios lamp design we offer. By comparison, the 7″ Geometric shade is the smallest shade pattern we make.

We have been preparing to create the 36″ Pond Lily for close to a year – searching out glasses, having special lamp parts created, and generally discussing the construction and layout for the shade. This is not a design to rush into, as it takes some plotting and planning to help the construction run smoothly.

To bring the pattern alive, a variety of blue, purple, and green glasses were blended together for the water portion of the shade. The combination of smooth and rippled glasses will give the effect of breezes ruffling the surface of the pond. Lily pads and water lilies dot the surface of the shade, and much care was taken to select interesting glasses for the water plants. Once Irwin completed the glass selection for the shade, Bill began the foiling (while Irwin was soldering the geometric shades).

The foiling completed, the form was waxes with our special, house made “tacky wax”. This beeswax concoction allows us to hold the foiled pieces of glass onto the form for soldering. Once transferred, the process of soldering the shade was begun, and is continuing at this time! As you can see in the photo below, this is a shade that cannot be completed in a hurry. We will show the rest of the process and completed shade in a future post.

Written by Century Studios