The arrival of new glass at the studio is always exciting and this past week we received two wooden crates containing 470lbs of sheet glass from our wholesale supplier. The glass arrived by truck and the crates were strapped to a pallet and delivered outside our front door. Removing the crates from the pallet, we moved each box into the studio.

Opening the larger of the two crates, we removed the protective filler and began unloading each individual sheet to check them on the light table.

Sometimes a sheet will crack in transport, so each piece is very carefully lifted and examined to make sure there is no damage before moving the piece to the light table.

Each sheet is checked and put off to the side until both crates have been emptied. We then dispose of the wooden crates and begin rechecking and filing each sheet into our glass racks, sorting by color.

To see a short video of us unpacking a sheet from the crate, go here:
Written by Century Studios