Lamp of the Week: 22″ Nasturtium

Nasturtium flowers are often referred to as the jester of the garden, a moniker that comes from the fact that the word nasturtium literally means “nose twister” or “nose tweaker”. These brightly colored ornamental plants are edible, and the flowers and leaves will add a peppery taste to salads and stir fry. The generously proportioned turban shape of the 22″ Nasturtium shade provides an expansive canvas for these trailing plants to dance across in cheerful abandon. Saucer shaped leaves co-mingle with a multitude of the distinctly shaped flowers. Commissioned by an East Coast client in 2012, this colorful example was created by skillfully blending together ring mottled, streaky, granite textured, and rippled glasses. The shade is shown on the appropriately named Bird Skeleton base.

Written by Century Studios