18 Light Lily Table Lamp

At Century Studios, we create a full spectrum of Lily Lamps that include table lamps, floor lamps chandeliers, ceiling fixtures, and wall sconces. These unique lamps are created using a combination of cast bronze parts, hand bent tubing, and mouth blown lily shades. We recently completed an 18 Light Lily Table Lamp for a client in Paris, France.

Bronze parts for these unique lamps are created by the lost wax casting method. Using molds taken from original Tiffany examples, a wax part is molded and then finished by hand. The waxes are taken to our local bronze foundry where they are encased in a mold material which hardens and is then baked to melt the wax out. Molten bronze is then poured into the hot mold and, once it has cooled, the mold is broken away and the raw bronze casting is revealed. After more hand chasing (cleaning), the bronze parts are ready for drilling and tapping to be screwed together and assembled into a finished lamp.

For each lily stem, tubing is hand bent to a specific shape. The stems are positioned and attached to a plate in the configuration specific for each style of lily lamp. The individual parts of the lamp are then given a Tiffany verdigris patina and once assembled and wired, the completed lamps is ready for display.

Written by Century Studios