10″ Geometric with Balls

Tiffany Studios created numerous variations on geometric shades with decorative borders and one of the more striking variations is the addition of a row of glass balls. For this 10″ Geometric with Glass Balls shade our client chose a mottled strong blue glass for the main body of the lamp. Each golden glass ball has an iridized lustre finish and has been specially created by our glass blower with a hollow center that we then fit with a reproduction jeweler’s style mount so it can be screwed into place once the shade is completed. The addition of the row of balls gives the shade a unique three dimensional quality. To see Bill Campbell fitting balls on a previously made shade, look at our blog post from August 15, 2019 that can be referenced here: https://centurystudios.blogspot.com/2019/08/lamp-of-week-14-geometric-with-luster.html

The shade was commissioned by a local client and it is shown on the Ruffle base (total lamp height 17″). Our client is using this unique shade on an original Tiffany Studios floor lamp with a harp.

Written by Century Studios