Century Studios 900th Lamp

This past week, Century Studios reached a milestone in completing our 900th stained glass lamp since we opened back in June 1986. The lamp is an 18″ Peony which was commissioned by an overseas client. The completed shade is pictured on the elegant Library base.

Peony shades, with their large, exuberant flowers have always been a favorite lamp style. To create the dramatic color transition on this shade from white at the top to deep green at the bottom, the background glass makes three distinct color shifts. The flowers also move from light pink and white at the top into lush pinks and reds. Irwin can be seen laying out the mid range flowers.

Irwin is pictured soldering the exterior of the shade. The 18″ Peony must be removed from the form in two pieces and put back together due to the undercut at the lower portion of the shade.

Below is an overhead shot of the completed lamp.

Written by Century Studios