17″ Bat – 6 Bat Variation

The 17″ Bat – 6 Bat Variation shade features a cluster of six bats flying against the night sky.  The wings of the bats overlap, and the bodies are accentuated by cast bronze overlays.

This shade is a variation on the 3 Bat lamp. Tiffany Studios created this variation by placing three additional bat bodies into the triangular sky portions at the lower half of the 3 Bat shade. When viewed from above, the wing tips of the additional bats are intertwined in a kaleidoscopic effect.. Due to the extra bats, the two stars which appear on the 3 Bat shade are not present in this shade.

The shade is shown on the Dragonfly Stemmed Mosaic base.  This lamp was commissioned by a client in North Carolina.

Written by Century Studios