Dogwood Ball Lamp

The Dogwood Ball Lamp is a unique combination of shade and base. The tall and slender base supporting a delicate orb has the feeling of a graceful Art Nouveau fantasy. This unusual lamp is now in a private collection in Texas.

The 10″ round shade is held aloft by a special six pronged crutch on the Artichoke Trumpet base (total lamp height 30.5″). This shade and base are only sold as a complete lamp.

Inspired by the flowering tree, the 10″ Dogwood Ball shade has a non-repeating design of intermingled flowers, leaves, and branches. For the densely clustered flowers we chose a variety of colorfully tinted white glasses. Enhancing the springtime appearance of the piece, the sparkling sky is a one of a kind fracture/streamer glass that scatters shots of green, purple, pink and light blue throughout the shade. Upon receiving the lamp, our client remarked that it gave the feeling of a magical setting in an Arthur Rackham illustration.

Written by Century Studios