22″ Dragonfly and New Floor Base

The 22″ Dragonfly is one of Tiffany Studios most popular shade designs. The shade lends itself equally for use as a large table lamp, floor lamp, or chandelier fixture. The shade is shown on the Large Lion’s Foot base (28″ tall, telescopes taller). The addition of a Pigtail cap adds a lighthearted touch of whimsy to the piece.

Set against a background of mixed blues and greens, nine dragonflies encircle the lower part of the shade, and their wings and heads create an undulating lower edge. The upper background of the shade is encrusted with 126 pressed glass jewels in a delicious assortment of colors (dragonfly also has jeweled eyes). These jewels were pressed at our studio in the 1990’s using bronze molds made from original Tiffany jewels. 

We are also pleased to present a new floor lamp base, added to our catalog of reproduction Tiffany bases. The Smooth Jr. Floor base perfectly compliments a wide variety of 22″ shades (plus 20″ domed shades and 25″ helmet shaped shades).

Cast in bronze at our local foundry, the Smooth Jr. Floor base has an elegant simplicity and clean line. The base begins with four feet which support a smooth cushion pod base. The base has 6 lights and a permanent Tiffany 5″ wheel at the top.  

The 22″ Dragonfly shade is shown on the Smooth Jr. Floor base with theTeardrop cap, which finishes the lamp succinctly. The shade was created as a studio showroom piece and is now in a private collection.

Written by Century Studios