25″ Fish Scale

We are pleased to introduce a new pattern to our ever expanding list of Tiffany reproduction lamp designs. The 25″ Fish Scale shade is a helmet shaped shade that can be used as a large table lamp, floor lamp, or an impressive chandelier fixture. As a chandelier fixture, the shade would work equally well hanging from a single chain, or inverted. The shade is shown on the Twisted Vine base at the top of the post.

The color of the shade has a subtle transition from denser green glass at the top into a lighter green/amber mix for the lower two thirds of the lamp. Commissioned by a West Coast client, we created a monumental pottery base for this piece. The 32″ tall base sits on a bronze pedestal and has a Grueby-style green curdled glaze. The resulting shade and base make a bold decorating statement. Tiffany Studios often used pottery by the Massachusetts based Grueby Fiaence Pottery for lamp bases.


Written by Century Studios