New Wally Birds

Three new Wally Birds just arrived from Bur Oak Pottery. Inspired by pieces created in the late 19th/early 20th Century by the Martin Brothers Pottery, Wally Birds are named for their creator Wallace Martin, the eldest of this eccentric family of potters.

Taking inspiration from the originals, each one of our exceptional bird jars is sculpted by hand using stoneware clay which is baked in a wood-fired kiln. Artist/creator Ed Klein then perches each bird on a painted, hand turned wooden base just like the originals. The heads lift off so you can stash trinkets and treasures within. Each bird is a one of a kind creation.


New Birds

 Crested Bluebird – 16″ tall – That is not nest-head, his feathers always stand up that way at the back of his head.


 Snickering Bird – 15″ tall – He never laughs outright, he just snickers and chuckles quietly off to the side.


Disbelieving Bird – 12.5″ tall – “Come on, tell me another one….”


The new arrivals above join our current flock:

 Sly Bird – 10.5″ tall – The petite, quite birds find all the best bird seed.

Cunning Bird – 10.25″ tall – This plump fellow knows where all the worms are, but he is keeping this knowledge to himself.


 Contented Bird – 10.5″ tall – Happy and at ease with everyone, this sprightly fellow is ready for any adventure that comes his way.


 Eavesdropping Bird – 13″ tall – This inquisitive fellow keeps an ear open and leans over to catch everyone’s conversations.


Confident Bird – 16″ tall – Upright, loyal and true are the watchwords for this balding fellow.


Leopold – 17″ tall – This commanding fellow has a no nonsense attitude to life.


Large Owl – 20.5″ tall – The grand daddy of them all. This owl is tall, stately, full of knowledge, and ready to share his wisdom with all.


Written by Century Studios