Bill has created an original shade design for an 18″ Calamondin Orange shade. Taking inspiration from the small orange trees that can be grown as house plants, he used the 18″ Wisteria form and cast crown as the starting point to design this shade. The diminutive trees thrive as potted plants, or can grow to larger sizes when planted out of doors in warmer Southern climates.

Calamondin Oranges produce small, tart fruit that tastes similar to limes and can be used in marmalades, sauces or any flavorings where you need a tart citrus flavor. The Calamondin Orange plant produces fruit year round and will have small white blossoms appear at the same time with the ripening fruit.

The design for this lamp is quite intricate, with the final shade having more pieces than a Tiffany Studios 18″ Wisteria shade. We will show the shade’s progress and completed lamp in a later post.

Written by Century Studios