7″ Violet

The 7″ Violet is a Century Studios original shade design that is one of the smallest shades we make. Designed by Bill Campbell in 2006, this delicate shade adheres to the “Tiffany rule” that the flowers be rendered life size and that the size and shape of the shade takes its inspiration from the plant. Commissioned by a local client, this violet shade has white flowers rather than the traditional purple. Peach, pale yellow and spring green were selected to give the shade a light and airy look.

Every aspect of this shade is done in miniature, making this one of our most painstaking shades to create. The pieces of glass, especially the flower centers, are often no larger than chips of glass, yet each piece is precisely cut, fit, foiled and soldered by hand.

The shade is shown on the Petite Lily Pad base. Our client requested an overall height of 14″ for the lamp, and the height of the base was scaled to fit the request.

Written by Century Studios