16″ Daffodil

Tiffany Studios created many lamps and windows featuring daffodils because these bright, sunny blooms were Louis C. Tiffany’s favorite flower. At Century Studios, we offer eight different Tiffany Daffodil shade designs in sizes ranging from 14″ to 28″. The 16″ Daffodil shade is one of two 16″ shades we offer featuring these early springtime flowers.

In this shade, the flowers are unencumbered by the confines of horizontal border rows, giving the impression that you have stepped into a carefree garden with flowers gently moving in the breeze. For this shade, we chose a sunny yellow background glass that deepens to an amber/green mix on the lower portion of the shade. The fresh green leaves and stems provide a crisp contrast to the warm amber tones in the shade.

The shade is shown on the classically styled Greek Urn base. This lamp is currently available for purchase in our showroom.




Written by Century Studios