Base Castings From The Foundry

At Century Studios we create both stained glass shades and bronze lamp bases. We purchased our core library of molds for metalwork from Studio Disselhoff in 1999 when owner Willy Disselhoff retired.  Since that time we have added many pieces to our repertoire and we currently offer over 65 base options. Rumors have arisen that we have acquired the inventory of molds and parts from the recently closed Odyssey and Paul Crist Studios, but this is not the case.

We create waxes at our studio and use a local foundry to pour our bases in bronze. Foundry wax is a deep chocolate brown and the wax for a Cerreus base is shown above. Depending on the quantity and complexity of the bases we are making, the waxes can take up to a week to make for a foundry trip.

This past Monday was a foundry day, and we dropped off new waxes and picked up castings for upcoming projects. The photo at the top shows pieces waiting for us at the foundry. Preparing the castings for patina, finishing and assembling also includes making light clusters for each base.

Each individual component part for a base is patinated and waxed by hand before the final assembly and wiring.

Century Studios sells bases individually. We have a changing selection of lamp bases made up for purchase from our studio showroom and bases can be made to order.

STUDIO HOURS: Century Studios will be CLOSED Thursday March 28th through Monday April 1st.

Written by Century Studios