20″ Dragonfly

The 20″ Dragonfly shade, with its elegant shape and jeweled background is a versatile shade that can be used as a table lamp, small floor lamp or chandelier fixture. 

The dragonfly motif is one of the pillars of Tiffany Studios lamp shade design. Dragonfly shades were created in multiple sizes and shapes. Irwin Terry is pictured soldering the outside of the shade.

Seven dragonflies encircle the shade, flying in a downward formation against a stylized background that is studded with pressed glass jewels.

The multicolored background was cut from a five color granite textured glass. The lightly textured surface gives the shade a sparkling background for the dragonflies dart across.

Commissioned by a client in Texas, the shade is mated with the Twisted Vine w/Arms base. This base has an organic flow, rising up from the table to meld with the shade above.

Written by Century Studios