22″ Dragonfly

The 22″ Dragonfly is one of the most popular shade patterns offered by Tiffany Studios. This design is often referred to as the Drophead Dragonfly shade, because the undulating lower edge of the shade is formed by the heads and wings of the flying insects. The surface of this generously proportioned lamp is studded with pressed glass cabochon “jewels”, further adding to the three dimensional quality of the piece. The multi-colored jewels were created by our studio. 

For the body of the shade we chose a Lins glass that starts off-white at the top and fades into a deep wine color. The Lins Glass foundry created exceptional Tiffany quality glass that is characterized by its surface hazing and painterly colors. The company ceased production in the late 1990’s and their glass is highly prized by glassmakers and collectors. Contrasting the rich background are blue winged dragonflies and lively jewels.

This shade can be used as a table lamp, floor lamp or chandelier fixture. We are showing the shade with the elegant Large Lion’s Foot base (28″ tall, telescopes taller). This exceptional lamp is currently available for purchase from our studio showroom.

Written by Century Studios